Black Ice Offers Visanthe Shiancoe A Contract

Visanthe shiancoe And Bubble Butt BbqTotal Pro Sports – If you have yet to read about Minnesota Viking, Visanthe Shiancoe exposed nude on national televison this past Sunday.  The story line gets even better today, when Black Ice LTD. An online Porn DVD store has made an “exclusive performance offer” to Minnesota Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe.

“From what we’ve seen, there is definitely a career for Visanthe in the adult industry, if he’d like one,” said Black Ice general manager Tony Santoro. “We would welcome an opportunity to align ourselves with a world-class athlete of Viante’s stature.”

A possible future career in the porn world for Visanthe Shiancoe, we highly doubt he will take the offer.  Even if the opportunities are endless and the pay enormous.  It’s likely that Visanthe Shiancoe will finish his career as an NFL’er before attempting to step foot in another industry.

Would you turn down a possible movie contract in the porn world to star in a movie with the likes of Jenna Jameson, Eva Angel and Monique Alexander?  I highly doubt it.

Black Ice publicist Scott Stein said the company is unaware of any morals clause in Shiancoe’s contract that would prevent him from accepting a contract with the makers of Bubble Butt Barbecue 2.

The offer to star in the “Bubble Butt Barbecue 2” sounds like an opportunity he may have to listen do. But will see what happens with his NFL career when the Vikings season comes to a close in 3 weeks.

“Whether or not Visanthe will be interested in our offer – or if the league will intervene – remains to be seen,” said Santoro. “It’s worth a shot, as this would definitely be something that the fans will want to see.”

Well just have to see what Visanthe Shiancoe decides on his future career?  The possible titles of movies starring an NFL’er are endless.  We would love to hear some titles that you can come up with?

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