Greg Oden: Big Man Big Baby!

Total Pro Sports – Even though the NBA season is only 17 games old, the word is out on Greg Oden. Oden has only managed to put together 7 points and 7 rebounds a game, for the high flying Portland Trailblazers, who are currently sitting 4th in the Western Conference.

Considering this year is his true rookie year because last year he was injured for the entire season, he has not lived up to his pre NBA hype.  There are skeptics out there already talking about whether or not Greg Oden is a bust out of Ohio State.

His lackluster attitude off and on the court has caught the eye of the Oregonian beat writer Jason Quick.

“I can’t really stand to be around him. He’s such a downer. He’s not a very fun guy to be around and he’s not a very fun guy to talk to. I think his teammates like him, but that guy is not interacting with very many guys in the locker room right now. He can’t let go of being Greg Oden. I think he’s obsessing with all this expectations. Until he starts having fun again playing basketball, he’s not going to get better. I don’t know how he’s going to do that.”

Check out the interview here with Jason Quick on 1080 the Fan.  Remember basketball fans Greg Oden is only 21 years of age and still developing into a man.  We have to give him some time to mature and understand the NBA game.  Regardless of the expectations out of College, some players adapt to the NBA game differently.  A first year big man that is averaging 7 and 7, we think he is pretty decent andhas immense potential.

He could definitely be suffering from a burn out.  All the media attention and all eyes on Greg Oden looking for him to be the best big man ever to hit the hard wood.  Put yourself in Odens shoes, since the age of 14 his life has been under the microscope.  He was followed, harassed and stalked as a teenager more than some NBA professionals ever where in their entire career.

Give Greg Oden a chance people, he will eventually mature and develop to that star player we all expected him to be.

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