Jim Tartt ‘Accepts’ Racist Group on Facebook

Jimbo Tartt ProfileTotal Pro Sports – It seems that once a month racist events take place online and someone in the public eye gets himself into serious trouble. “Facebook, My Space” or any other social network, intrigue the curiosity of all it’s viewer and they just seem to get the best of people.  These networks, with their never ending attachments, lure individuals like fish to a worm.

We don’t understand why people  can’t learn that these social networks can only ruin their career.  If you don’t believe us just ask Caitlin Davis, the ex-New England Patriots Cheerleader or Buck Burnette, the ex-Texas Longhorns and their racist comments towards President Elect Barack Obama.  It seems to be a trend; give a commentary or post pictures on Facebook where the world is at your doorstep and see what happens to your career.  Both Davis and Burnette are now both “EX” members of their team.

This time it was Jim Tartt the Florida Gators lineman who got his hand caught in the social network jar.  He joined a group on Facebook called “Africa Gives Nothing to anyone — except AIDS“.  We have no idea why someone or how someone could even create a group like this in the first place.  Yes the AIDS epidemic in Africa is overwhelming, but they definitely have more to offer the world than  just this serious disease…. Jim, maybe you should check out the geography and history sites of the internet and learn a little more about a continent:

“Tartt is unaware of Africa’s oil, natural gas, and mineral resources exported around the world,” said Spencer Hall of The Sporting Blog

If you don’t have a public Facebook profile, then our recomendation is to stay away unless you want the rest of the world to look into your life/profile on a 24 hours, 7 days a week basis.  This site can virtually lead individuals to trouble, and is often referred to as “FACEBOOKED“.  It’s so easy for people not to realize what they are accepting when someone sends an invite.  Most don’t read or understand what they are joining and just click “accept”.  Repercussions await in the darkest abyss of cyberspace.

Jimbo Tartt is still on the Florida Gators roster, and we’ll just have to wait and see if his actions will force him onto the path of those doomed before him.

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