Keep Your Mouth Shut Melrose!

The Melrose MulletTotal Pro Sports – Sean Avery has not learned with his “Sloppy Seconds” comment and now Barry Melrose with his comment on the FAN 590 in Toronto, when he said “I hope they don’t win another game” in regards to his former team the Tampa Bay Lightning. has reported that the owners of the Lightning are contemplating filing a grievance with the league claiming that Barry Melrose breached his contract when he bashed and let loose on his former team this past week.  The Lightning would be able to void his contract and the remaining $2.25 million owed to Melrose.

Just plain stupidity on behalf of Barry Melrose, if you have not received your final paycheck from the team that just fired you.  Then you better keep your mouth shut and your pride in your pocket until you receive all funds owed to you.

Maybe $2.25 million is really worth $225 dollars to Barry Melrose, we highly doubt ESPN is paying anything near that amount to him now. We could be wrong, the Melrose family might be worth Billions and he’s doing this to pass the time. Regardless, keep your mouth shut and say what you want when your contact has officially expired.  I can think of 5 charities off the top of my head that could have used that money if it meant nothing to you.

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