Michael Phelps Has Dumped New Girlfriend

Phelps and Cas at LAXTotal Pro Sports – Michael Phelps was a guest on the Regis and Kelly Show this morning.  One of the questions that the beautiful Kelly Ripa asked Phelps, “was how it feels being followed by the paparazzi everywhere and recently being spotted with his new girlfriend Caroline Pal at the LAX airport”.

“The photographers post this girl up next to me as I get out of the car and she follows me in. … I’ve never seen her before in my life.” Phelps says.

This so called unknown fake girlfriend of Michael Phelps is Caroline “CAZ” Pal, a Vegas cocktail waitress working at the Palms Casino and Resort.  Reports are still swirling around if CAZ was actually his girlfriend or now ex-girlfriend?  But if you take a look at the pictures, CAZ looks as if she was told to walk beside Phelps; she brings no luggage, and no purse at LAX Airport.

Phelps girlfriendPhelps did confirm to Kelly Ripa that he is not seeing anyone right now.  So there you go ladies right out of Michael Phelps mouth he is single and looking.

It intrigues me on how the media loves to follow such peoples lives of those like Michael Phelps.  Imagine being followed and hiding from the paparazzi daily.

Would you want the world to know who your new girlfriend and where your going with her?

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