The Heisman Trophy Winner Is…

Heisman TrophyTotal Pro Sports – The race for the Heisman Trophy has finally come to an end.  It has really become a three legged race between three deserving quarterbacks.

The last 7 of 8 Heisman winners have played the quarterback position, however, an interesting stat that arose was in the games following the award ceremony these quarterbacks have a record of 2-5 in the upcoming Bowl Games.  Although, it may be an honor to win the award this years nominees have a lot at stake in their bowl games, two are playing in the BCS National Championship Game and the other candidate has a date in the Fiesta Bowl.

So, without further suspense we introduce this years three Heisman candidates.

The Heisman Trophy Candidates

1. Sam Bradford (Oklahoma Sooners) – There has been some controversy over the Sooners playing in the National Championship, however, there is little doubt to the accomplishments that Sam Bradford has reached this year.

The sophmore quarterback has cemented himself into the rich tradition of the Sooner program and placed himself among the elites that have come before him. Sam bradford ranks among the top of most statistical catagories, he has thrown for 4464 yards, 48 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions. He is third in passing yards per attempt at 10.1, and has a pass completion percentage of 68.3, and is on pace to set a record in terms of quarterback rating he currently sits at 186.28.

The Sooners outscored their opponents on average 54.0-24.5 PPG, however, had the ball less on average than their opponents at 29:46 to 29:58. The offense has set a record for scoring 60+ consecutive points in 5 straight games and Sam Bradford has led the Sooners into the record books as the highest scoring team in college football history, a Big 12 Championship and a trip to the BCS Orange Bowl National Championship Game.

2. Colt McCoy (Texas Longhorns) – The Longhorns feel like they are deserving of a chance to be playing in the National Championship Game. Colt McCoy is having a sensational year for the Horns, he leads the team in passing, rushing yards and touchdowns, at 3445 passing yards (32 TD) and 576 rushing yards (10 TD) respectively. He leads the nation in passing efficiency with 77.6%, he was 1323 yards behind the leader in the nation in passing yards but threw the ball 181 fewer times. His average would have allowed him to throw for 5110 yards had he put the ball up that many times.

The Longhorns finished the season with an 11-1 record, their only loss coming to the Texas Tech Red Raiders on the final play of the game. Colt McCoy has committed to Texas for his senior season possibly looking for redemption and a shot at the National Championship.

3. Tim “Superman” Tebow (Florida Gators) – The defending Heisman champion will not give his title up without a fight. The first sophomore to ever win the Heisman trophy started the season slow but really picked it up as the year progressed.

Tim Tebow’s numbers were not as impressive as last year, however, the teams accomplishments were greater. The Gators absolutely dominated the majority of their opponents this year.  Their closest margin of victory came in the SEC Championship Game when they beat the Alabama Crimson Tide by 11 points.

Tim Tebow was the head of the offense, he threw for 28 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions, and rushed for an additional 12 touchdowns. His numbers through the air will never match those of a Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy because the offense he plays under is not structured to do that, however, if you ask his teammates what he means to that offense, their answer is, undoubtedly “everything”.

His yards on the ground are not measured by attempts vs yards, rather they should be analyzed carefully as to the amount of times he has gained those critical yards in key points of the game. Tim Tebow has been the physical and emotional leader for the Gators, he has led them to a 12-1 record and will be playing in the BCS National Championship Game as 3 point favorites.

Well just have to wait and see tonight on who wins the Heisman Trophy.

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