Web Site Producer In Net For Capitals

Brett LeonhardtTotal Pro Sports – 2 nights ago it was the Capitals making headlines on the Boston Globe website, with the headline reading “Caps Shit Down B’s”.

Today the Washington Capitals are again making the headlines in the sports world, and no our title is not an error.  The Capitals signed and dressed their own Web Site producer to backup the team Friday night against the Ottawa Senators.

Due to a last minute injury to Jose Theodore, and having their AHL affiliate team playing in San Antonio.  The Capitals only option knowing that Simeon Varlamov the starter to their AHL team was gonna arrive late to the game was to sign their Web Site Producer, a 6’7″ former division III goalie Brett Leonhardt to an amateur contract.

The 26-year-old Leonhardt played two years for Oswego State in New York and two years for Neumann College in Pennsylvania before graduating in 2007. He has worked for the Capitals’ Web site for about a year and has taken part in drills during practices when the team needed an extra goalie. He wore one of his college masks from Neumann during warm ups.

Once Simeon Varlamov arrived for the end of the second period and Brett Leonhardt was in the press box where he is every game preparing for handling the camera during post game interviews.

“Every dream come true,” Leonhardt said. “Growing up in Canada, playing since I was 4. It was just very surreal. It was a blur, went by real quick.”

Maybe someday this will happen again and the team will offer a real contract.  Think of the possible headlines, “From the press box to the NHL, Web Site Producer signs 5 year deal.”

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