Hey, J.P. Losman Show NFL Teams This Tape

JP LosmanTotal Pro Sports – Prior to this weeks game against the New York Jets, J.P. Losman told reporters that he was going to use the games video tape to create a showcase for interested teams in the off season. Filling in for the injured Trent Edwards, the teams future quarterback, J.P Losman had an opportunity to prove to other NFL teams that he is a No. 1 quarterback. He told reporters, jokingly that maybe “the Buffalo Bills would give him the franchise tag“, this would allow him to earn $14.2 million.

With the game securely in the hands of the Buffalo Bills, J.P Losman showed that he is not capable of leading teams to victories on a consistent basis. The Bills had a 3 point lead with under 2:00 remaining in the game and blew it. The play calling was suspect to say the least, Marshon Lynch and the offensive line was manhandling the Jets front four all game long and they decided on 2nd and 5 to run a play action pass. J.P Losman rolled out and instead of protecting the ball took a hit from behind and fumbled, the Jets recovered and ran in for the lead. Losman subsequently threw 2 more interceptions after that for a total of 3 turnovers in the final 2:00.

J.P Losman may have the confidence to be a solid NFL quarterback but he has proven nothing, he has made these type of mistakes since entering the league. Our thoughts on his performance this week is that he leaves a lot to be desired, if we could say something to Mr. Losman it would simply be “start looking for another career“.

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