Another NFL Player Changes His Name

Stylez GTotal Pro Sports – Greg White, second year DE on the Tampa Bay Bucs has officially changed his name.  On Monday, a Hillsborough County Circuit Court granted the request.

Gregory Alphonso White Jr, will now be known as “Stylez G. White, yes that’s right, this is not an error.  Styles spelled with a “Z” and the letter “G” a short form used by some for “Gangster”,  A gangster with style, if you will.  Why you Ask?

Greg White, aka “Stylez G. White”, said he picked the name from one of his favorite movie character’s in the 1985 movie, “Teen Wolf,’’ starring Michael J. Fox.

“That was his best friend’s name,’’ White said. “I always liked that name.  It’s not that I don’t like Greg White.’’  In the movie, Fox’s friend is named Rupert “Stiles’’ Stilinski. White changed the spelling and adopted the name as his own.

It all started with running back Rod Smart and his decision to put “He Hate Me” on the back of his XFL jersey, which became the best seller in that year.  Smart trademarked “He Hate Me” but did not legally change his name. When he moved to the NFL he had to use Smart on the back of his jersey as he did not legally change his name.

This is the second time an NFL’er has legally changed their name.  First it was the infamous Chad Johnson of the Cincinnatti Bengals, changing his name to Chad Ocho Cinco and now Greg White.

We seem to wonder why these already famous athletes love to put themselves in the spotlight for something so idiotic?

Who’s next?  Terrel Owens changing his name to “The World’s Greatest?”

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