NBA Power Rankings: Week 7

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Total Pro Sports – The Boston Celtics hold the #1 spot in this weeks NBA Power Rankings.

This past week in the NBA was an eventful one.  There were 2 big trades, the first sent Boris Diaw and Raja Bell to the Charlotte Bobcats for Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley.  The second trade was a 3 player trade where the New Orleans Hornets acquired Antonio Daniels, and then sent Mike James to the Washington Wizards.  The Memphis Grizzlies then sent Javaris Crittenton to the Washington Wizards.

Also to note, the New York Knicks’ Cuttino Mobley retired because of his heart disease.

NBA Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Green ArrowOur biggest movers this week in our NBA Power Rankings, were the Memphis Grizzlies moving up 8 spots in the power rankings, moving from #25 to #17.

The San Antonio Spurs moved up 6 spots in the rankings from #13 to #7.

Red ArrowOur biggest shakers this week in our NBA Power Rankings for week 7 were the Portland Trail Blazers and the Charlotte Bobcats both losing 7 spots in the NBA Power Rankings.  The Blazers dropped from #4 to #11 and the Bobcats dropped from #21 to #28.

The Indiana Pacers dropped from 5 spots from #22 to #27 in this weeks power rankings

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NBA Power Rankings for Week 7.

Rank Team Record Previous Comment
1 Boston Celtics 22-2 They haven’t lost since November 14th, today is December 14th, that makes it over one month. I still don’t think they will win 70 games, but who knows. They have to go 48-10 the rest of the way. Rumor has it they are interested in Dikembe Mutombo. Wonder if anybody in Boston would understand what he says.
2 Cleveland Cavaliers
The Hawks ended their 11 game winning streak. Ben Wallace is starting to look more comfortable, which is important come playoff time because they will need his interior defence when it comes to guarding Garnett and possibly Gasol and Bynum in the finals
3 LA Lakers 19-3 I think it’s going to be near impossible for another team to crack the top 3 the way these 3 teams are going. Bynum is getting angry that coach Phil Jackson is taking him out in the late stages of the 4th, got to love that fire from a young guy if you’re a Lakers fan.
4 Orlando Magic 18-6 Green Arrow1 It definitely is the top 3 and then the rest, but one thing that the Magic have that those 3 have as well is a great road record, there’s stands at 9-3 which is actually better then the Cavs and on par with the Lakers.
5 Denver Nuggets 16-7 Green Arrow1 They are playing really well, and almost everybody seems to be happy except for JR Smith. Word is, him and George Karl aren’t even speaking to each other. I wonder if that has anything to do with Karl deciding to take a harder stance on his players this year.
6 New Orleans Hornets 13-7 Green Arrow2 They are 8-2 in their last 10 and picked up a nice road win against the Raptors on Sunday without Tyson Chandler in the line-up. Starting to heat up after a frigid start.
7 San Antonio Spurs 14-8 Green Arrow6 They have a modest 5 game winning streak going, and a lot of that has to be attributed to them being healthy. It looks like they have found a new solid scorer in Roger Mason; He’s averaging over 13 points a game. Let’s not forget about the Red Rocket Matt Bonner, averaging over 7 points a game with a 3-point shooting average of over 50%. I wonder if he got kicked on Kick a ginger day.
8 Dallas Mavericks 13-9 Green Arrow1 Yes, other teams have better records then them, but they are 8-2 in their last 10 and looking good. Still hearing rumors that Cuban wants to make a shakeup. Heard he wouldn’t mind having Rasheed Wallace.
9 Houston Rockets 15-9 Red Arrow2 Bad losses to the Grizzlies and Clippers this week. They have an easy week ahead and should win their games, but I could have said that in last week’s power rankings too.
10 Utah Jazz 15-10 This is the year if they are to win something. Carlos Boozer is as good as gone after this year, and even with the emergence of Paul Millsap, they won’t be the same without him. Beat the Trailblazers this week but lost to the Magic. Quietly Ronnie Brewer is averaging over 13 points a game.
11 Portland Trailblazers 15-10 Red Arrow7 Losing to the Clippers isn’t good, but there still looking good. My man Joel Przybilla is still leading this team in rebounds, with just under 8 a game. As much as I love Pryzbilla, He’s making Oden look bad for not leading the team.
12 Atlanta Hawks 14-9 Only in a city like Hotlanta can you see a halftime show containing entertainment from LUDACRIS. I am not even kidding, he’s performing on the 17th when the Celtics visit.
13 Detroit Pistons 13-9 Green Arrow2 Read a rumor that Micheal Curry is not happy about the trade for Allen Iverson. I don’t blame him, how do you expect a rookie coach to keep not only hot head Rasheed Wallace, but also Allen Iverson in check. Joe Dumars has made some great moves whilst being a general manager but this Iverson trade is looking like a Darko Milicic move.
14 Miami Heat 12-11 At the start of the season, many thought the Heat would trade Marion for some valuable pieces during the year, but with his pedestrian numbers, it looks like they might keep him for the salary cap space for this summer, and I’m hearing Carlos Boozer could be that guy they go after.
15 New Jersey Nets 11-11 Red Arrow4 Jason Kidd makes his return to the Meadowland’s this week, expect a warm reception. I really like what this team can create with two big men like Yi Jianlian and Brook Lopez, both are averaging close to a double double and give a lot of room for Vince Carter and Devin Harris to do their thing.
16 Phoenix Suns 14-10 Green Arrow1 Made a blockbuster trade by getting rid of Raja Bell and Boris Diaw and bringing in Jason Richardson. This I can tell you is one of many moves to come. Raja Bell supposedly hated playing for Terry Porter, and I don’t think many others like him either. Steve Nash is very upset with the trade considering Bell and Diaw were some of his best friends on the team. I don’t blame Steve Kerr for this but owner Rob Saver, many believe he was the reason Bryan Colangelo left a couple years back, and it looks like that was the first bad move to be made. Those Nash to the Knicks rumors are heating up.
17 Memphis Grizlies 9-15
Green Arrow8 Who would have thought that the Memphis Grizzlies would win 4 games in a row at any point this season. They signed Darius Miles today, which shouldn’t make the Trailblazers too happy. They beat 3 good teams this week in the Rockets, Bulls and Heat. That Kevin Love for OJ Mayo trade is looking better by the day.
18 Chicago Bulls 11-12
Red Arrow2 Tough week coming up with having to play both the Celtics and Jazz. Tyrus Thomas is reportedly available. I think the Bulls are tired of his bad attitude. Boy, hasn’t Kirk Hinrich regressed since a couple years ago.
19 New York Knicks 11-12 Green Arrow1 The Knicks trade for Al Harrington is looking great so far; he’s averaging over 25 points a game, and drained 33 in a rout of the Kings. His rebounds are up close to Joel Przybilla numbers.
20 Toronto Raptors 10-13 Green Arrow3 Bad loss at home to the Hornets, they might be better than the Raps but if you’re a good team you win those games at home. I have long been defending Andrea Bargnani but even I am thinking he is now a bust at the number 1 pick. Don’t worry Raptor fans, I fully expect Jake Voskuhl to solve the Raptors rebounding woes….
21 Philadelphia 76ers 10-14
Red Arrow3 Maurice Cheeks got fired this week, and you’ve got to say that the Bulls and the Raptors are neck and neck for most disappointing team so far.
22 Bucks 10-15 Red Arrow3 Charlie V had 26 points in the Bucks win over the Pacers. He’s putting up respectable numbers, so much so that you have to think the TJ Ford for Charlie V trade has gone in favour of the Bucks. Think about it, would you rather have 13 points and 7 rebounds from Charlie V’s low salary or Jermaine O’Neals 12 points and 8 rebounds at 22 million?
23 L.A. Clippers 6-17 Green Arrow3 Once again we enter the stage in the rankings where all the teams here are really brutal. Clippers had two nice wins over the Rockets and Trailblazers this week. Randolph is averaging 24 and 10 since the trade from New York, really nice numbers from the big man.
24 Sacramento Kings 6-18 Green Arrow4 So after two weeks of not winning a game, the Kings did win a game, but there back on a 2 game losing streak. Surprisingly Reggie Theus made it through the week still with a job. They have a winnable game against the Timberwolves this week.
25 Golden State Warriors 5-15 Green Arrow4 Free Agents signed during this past summer can now be traded as of Monday morning. The Warriors are already gauging interest in their free agent they signed this summer, Corey Maggette. Wish Donnie Nelson would put Rob Kurz into more action. When he’s in he produces.
26 Washington Wizards 4-17 Green Arrow1 Only are better than the rest of the teams in these power rankings because their losing streak is at 2 while the rest of the combined 4 teams losing streak is at 26.
27 Pacers 7-16 Red Arrow5 TJ Ford made his return to Toronto with some interesting comments. Him and Bosh use to be very close friends, but Ford admitted that the two haven’t talked since the end of the playoffs.
28 Bobcats 7-17
Red Arrow7 I like the trade they made, they are hoping both Raja Bell and Boris Diaw bounce back after not playing great the last little while. Bell gets reunited with the coach who gave him his first chance in the Association, Larry Brown.
29 Timberwolves 4-18
Red Arrow5 Randy Wittman is gone as coach, and Kevin Mchale had to be forced into the job. Going through the growing pains that many young teams go through.
30 Oklahoma Thunder 2-22
Kevin Durant had his second 40 point game of his career, both coming against the Golden State Warriors. They still lost the game, and every other game they played this week. Did you know the fans at the games in Oklahoma don’t sit down until the Thunder make their first basket, I like that tradition.

Be sure to check back next week with our NBA Power Rankings for week 8.

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