The Sun Is Bright But Not In Phoenix

Steve Nash and DantoniTotal Pro Sports – First it was the Shawn Marion trade to the Miami Heat for Shaq, then it was not re-signing head coach Mike D’Antoni to a long term contract.  Now this past week the Phoenix Suns made an unexpected move that shocked the world trading away Boris Diaw and All World Defensive player Raja Bell to the Charlotte Bocats for Jason Richardson.

Ever since Bryan Colangelo left to become the President and General Manager of the Toronto Raptors and Steve Kerr took over the Phoenix Suns it seems as if they’ve been destined to fail.  Kerr has made some transactions which have been questioned in the media, “WHY?”

There are now reports that Steve Nash wants out and is looking to part with the Suns, possibly to rejoin his favorite coach Mike D’Antoni and the New York Knicks, he has also expressed his unhappiness after losing best friend Raja Bell to the Bobcats.

Other reports out of Toronto suggest that Nash want’s to come back to Canada and play for the Toronto Raptors.  The trade might involve Jose Calderon straight up for Steve Nash because Calderon is only 27, while Nash is 33.  Also, Calderon is making $7,438,018 this year compared to Nash’s $12,250,000.

Do you remember the 2004 – 2005 Phoenix Suns, they were a team that everyone once feared, with the likes of Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudemire, Steve Nash, Quentin Richardson, Shawn Marion and Leandro Barbosa.  They have dwindled, aged and feared by basically nobody in the league.

Yesterday Quentin Richardson was interviewed by the Arizona Central, he goes on to say

“If you look at it, we were really just a healthy Joe Johnson away from being able to compete with San Antonio. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes that’s the way the NBA is. They think they have to do this or that to fix something, when the reality is if you give us another one or two or three years with our same core group of guys, we would have won a championship.”

Q Rich was not done there:

“The most frustrating part about it all, when you’ve been around the league you know when you have a special group of guys with that blend of talent and the kind of egos that allowed it to work, allowed everybody to be who they were. You don’t come across that a lot.”

Quentin Richardson seems to be upset that the 2004 Phoenix Suns weren’t given a chance to succeed.  But in ’04 they made it to the Western Conference final and lost handily to the San Antonio Spurs (4-1).  Some NBA experts believe that Phoenix had a chance to win it all if they kept the main core together.

I guess we’ll never know what the ’04 Phoenix Suns would have been!

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