Beloved New York Strip Club ‘Scores’, Shutting Down

Scores New YorkTotal Pro Sports – The beloved Manhattan strip club, “Scores“, will be shutting it’s doors down at the end of the month.  Scores opended it’s doors in 1990 and grew into to a multi million dollar Strip Club Chain, with a total of 7 locations around the United States. 

 It was only fitting that Scores close its’ doors for good.  With the diminishing economy in the United States and losing their liquor license last month their was very little revenue coming in.

“Club owners blamed both the weak economy and the loss of a liquor license for the club’s demise. (Apparently, a champagne room that serves just ginger ale doesn’t cut it. Not to mention the fact that when you are sober you might think more about what your wife might say when she sees that $1,000 charge on your credit card.)”

Lebron at Scores

Why talk about this?  Scores was the biggest strip club in New York, every major athlete in New York has 

been seen there, including other major athletes from other sports teams who seem to just weasel there way in when they’re on road trips.  Famous stars such as Jason Giambi, Mark Messier, Alex Rodriquez, Lebron James and Madonna all were frequent visiotrs at the Strip Club Scores.  So no more sports figures getting caught with strippers in New York.  

Scores Ladies

Oh how the good old days have come and gone, ah well, we are just going to have to wait and see if another strip club will open in Manhattan.  We hope so very soon, because we had some good times there along with all the stories of athletes getting caught at Scores and the rumors that they were cheating on their wives.

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