Billy Sims HeismanTotal Pro Sports – If anyone missed this past Saturdays Heisman Trophy presentation, Sam Bradford from the Oklahoma Sooners won.  But if you missed the actual presentation, you have to watch the replay.  If you thought a fan was screaming “Boooomer Sooonner” you were wrong, it was Billy Sims.

Billy Sims played for the Oklahoma Sooners and won the Heisman Trophy in 1978.  I guess he was really excited that a Sooner won this coveted trophy for the 5th time in history.  Other than that we have no idea why he would be yelling such a thing in a classy event like the Heisman Presentation.  Do it at a bowl game, do it during any game for that matter.  But have a little respect and don’t do it at an event like the Heisman, this is not the NFL Draft.

“I’ve been getting some bad press. I apologize to the Bradford family and the Heisman Trust if I crossed a boundary. But, there’s no way I’d try to upstage your son’s day.”

Sam Bradford, didn’t mind at all so he says,

“I didn’t feel like he took anything in any way away from me,” Bradford said. “I think he made my moment even more special by sharing the traditions of the university with me as I accepted the award. So I had absolutely no problem whatsoever with Billy yelling ‘Boomer.’ ”

Good for Sam Bradford for taking the high road and not letting and drunk old man ruin his special day.

Billy Sims Yelling At The Heisman Presentation

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