The Ageless One Signs A 3 Year Extension

Joe PaternoTotal Pro Sports – The ageless one will continue to coach for Penn State!  At the age of 82, Joe Paterno, also known to most of his fans as “JoePa“, will be back for the 3 more years after signing an extension with the Penn State Nittany Lions today.

The winningest coach in college football history and the longest serving coach, will be coaching until he is 85 years young.  The contract between Joe Paterno and Penn State allows it to be extended or shortened at any time found necessary by the two parties.

“It was also agreed that the parties might re-evaluate their circumstances and alter the arrangement by either shortening or extending its length as necessary,” the statement said.

We don’t think Joe Paterno will ever retire, after going through hip replacement surgery this past year and tearing his ACL after getting hit on the sidelines, nothing seems to slow him down.  JoePa loves the game of football so much that he would probably rather die before he retires from the game.

“There’s no reason for me not to think that I can go for a while,” he said. “Now how long is a while? I don’t know.” Joe Paterno said

A hero, an Icon, whatever you consider Joe Paterno to be he will undisputedly go down as one of the best coaches in football history.

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