Mike Tyson Should be on the Next Biggest Loser!

Mike Tyson FatTotal Pro Sports – Some pictures are surfacing out of Beverly Hills of Mike Tyson, a heftier Mike Tyson that is!  Mike is estimated to weigh about 320 pounds at only 5’10”.

Can anyone believe that this once supremely conditioned athlete is now this overweight?

Well we can, we saw him this past summer as he was walking in to Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and he was about 270 pounds.  He was with an entourage of European poker players, coincidentally, this was during the World Series of Poker.  If it were not for his ridiculous tattoo on his left side of his face we would never even had recognized him. 

Here are some more pictures of the now supersized Iron Mike Tyson!!!

Mike Tyson With Family, Mike Tyson Comparison of his fighting days and now, and Mike Tyson at Pure In Las Vegas.

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