Iowa State RB Jumps To His Death

Stevie HicksTotal Pro Sports – At the young age of 25 Iowa State Cyclones football star Steven Hicks Jr was found dead yesterday after he jumped from an overpass.  Stevie Hicks was found lying on I-480 under bridges that form the I-480 and North Freeway interchange near downtown Omaha at about 8:30 in the morning. He was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Everyone in the State of Iowa was shocked to hear Steve Hicks had jumped to his death especially his friend friend Tyler Mullen.  This is what Tyler had this to say,

“He was an unbelievable guy; he always had a smile on his face, It was just such a shock receiving that phone call. . . .

“It was absolutely tragic.”

A happy-go-lucky person, it is misunderstood how such a tragic thing can happen to a person.  Steve was friends with everyone and never showed signs of being depressed or anything that possibly could have lead to his death.

Stevie Hicks was a hopeful College graduate who had dreams of one day playing in the NFL.  Hicks had a nice career at the ISU, from 2003 – 2006  he rushed for 2601 yards and scored 11 touchdown.  But like the other 60000 plus college football players who complete their education every year and hope for an NFL contract, he was one of the many who were left off an NFL roster.  Out of 60000 college hopefuls only 250 plus students ever sign onto an NFL roster, a less then 1% chance.

The pressure of not fulfilling his childhood dream of making the NFL probably lead Stevie Hicks to death.  Before his death the Omaha World Herald reports that,

Hicks took his football trophies off shelves and packed them away. He threw one of his old helmets in the trash. He turned large poster photographs of himself in his football uniform to face the wall.

This was probably one of the many factors that lead Stevie Hicks to death.  But we will never know the true reason why he succumbed to his death.

Is it really worth taking your own life?  NEVER, if you are feeling depressed or can’t handle life, their are many ways in which you can get help.  Speak to someone, if you feel embarrassed to speak with your family a priest or doctor will always listen and help.  There is no reason why people should take their own lives! This not your only option or easy way out.  Remember, you are not taking your own life you are taking your families as well.  They are the ones who will have to deal with this tragedy and think for the rest of their lives if they were the ones to blame.

So if your feeling depressed, seak help beacuse life is trully special and not worth ending it.

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