Is This A Goal Or Not?

Total Pro Sports –  A weird one in last nights hockey game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avalanche.  The game went into shootouts last night, when Colorado Avalanche forward Milan Hejduk was first to shoot and stopped by Lightning Goalie Mike Smith.  The referees overturned the call and ruled that Mike Smith threw his stick and Colorado awarded a goal.

Clearly we think this is horrible call, just by watching the video over you can clearly tell that when Mike Smith goes down tries to poke checks Hejduk and then looses his stick.  There was no intent to throw the stick and an obvious bad call my the refs.

We think if a ref can go upstairs to determine a goal they should also be able go upstairs for video help on a situation like this.  Yes, we are all human and make mistakes but a ref should only make a call when he knows the answer, and if he doesn’t then video help is warranted.

You be the Judge, Watch the Video Here and Vote.

Milan Hejduk vs. Mike Smith:  Goal or Not?

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