Zamboni Falls Off Truck At Wrigley

2009 Winter ClassicTotal Pro Sports – There was a minor accident today at Wrigley Field in Chicago, nobody was seriously injured.  Construction workers were preparing for the Winter Classic that will be taking place on January 1st. The 2009 Winter Classic will see the Chicago Blackhawks face off against the Detroit Red Wings.

The accident took place when they were unloading the Zamboni from a flatbed truck, the operator of the truck forgot to tell the Zamboni driver that the flatbed was not on the ground yet.  If you can not guess what happened next, the Zamboni fell about 3 feet off the truck  The driver of the Zamboni only seems to get a little bit of whiplash, but thankfully that’s it.

Thanks to who reported this first to the world and caught everything on video.

Check out the Video here!

Zamboni Falls Off Truck At Wrigley Field