Evander Holyfield vs. Nikolai Valuev, Tonight!

Evander Holyfield vs. Nikolai Valuev, Tonight!Total Pro Sports – Evander (The Real Deal) Holyfield will be fighting Nikolai Valuev tonight for Valuev’s WBA Heavyweight Title.  Many experts believe that Evander is going to get knocked out early in the fight.  Also, many of these experts believe that The Real Deal should not be fighting due to his age (46) and the fact that his motor skills are already diminished because of so many shots to the head.

Evander always preaches that “God is behind him and that it is His Will that he fight on“, But come on Evander, your 46 and fighting a 7ft, 320 pound Russian monster who is  49-1, with 34 KOs.  All I have to say is Good luck Evander and maybe Goodnight!!

Everyone believes that Holyfield is fighting for one reason, money!  Holyfield will make 700K for this fight, which he needs to help pay for his mansion, and his many chlid support payments.

So Evander, we leave you with these parting words, we wish you the best of luck and I honestly hope you win the fight.  Just for the plain fact the you don’t get brutally hurt and that you walk out of this fight alive.  We have the outmost respect for you just because your stepping in to the ring with that Russian bear, and at least your fighting not eating like Iron Mike Tyson!

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