Goodbye Texas Stadium

Texas Stadium

Total Pro Sports – Opening it’s doors on October 24, 1971, at a cost of $35 million, 37 historical years later the Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium will be coming to a end.  All the games, memories, the Championships the records, the cheerleaders anything you can think of surrounding Texas Stadium and the Cowboys will come to a close today.

Back 37 years ago when the Dallas Cowboys first became a franchise, Tex Schramm became the first President and General Manager, he and then owner Clint Murchison Jr envisioned something special.  Something very special,

Tex Schramm had imagined, right along with the sleek, silver-blue uniforms that looked like something Buck Rogers might wear, the blue star on the silver helmet, the stoic Tom Landry, arms folded, staring intently at the field, the offense that featured the World’s Fastest Human.

When they built Texas Stadium, Schramm pointed out that Texas Stadium had a hole in its roof.  The whole he said was so God could watch his team play every Sunday.  This why the Dallas Cowboys are referred to as “God’s Team” by most fans.

Tonight’s final game at Texas Stadium will see the Dallas Cowboys host Baltimore Ravens. Not one of the greatest match ups when the schedule was set for the final game at Texas Stadium.  But still a game that means a lot to both teams tonight.  The Cowboys and the Ravens come into this game with a 9-5 record and both still trying to fight for a playoff spot.

After the game the Dallas Cowboys and their owner and Jerry Jones will be auctioning off on of their end zones for charity.  The starting bid for the auction held at Neiman Marcus is $500,000 American, any takers?

Even though I am not a Cowboys fan, Texas Stadium will go down in history alongside Maple Leaf Gardens, Boston Gardens, Chicago Stadium, and Yankee Stadium as one of the greatest venues in sports.

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