The RCA Dome Imploded Today

RCA DomeTotal Pro Sports – This day of December 20th 2008 will be remembered forever by sports fans, the Dallas Cowboys playing their final game at Texas Stadium and the city of Indianapolis saying goodbye to their beloved RCA Dome or otherwise known as the Old Hoosier Dome.  The RCA Dome was imploded to make more room in the downtown core.  Considering that the Indianapolis Colts have moved into their new state of the art facility “Lucas Oil Stadium“, there was no need to keep this mound of concrete still standing.

The memories at the RCA Dome will be cherished forever, some of those which will never be forgotten.  All the NCAA mens basketball finals (1991,1997, 2000, 200), the 1985 NBA All Star Game, hosting the WWE Wrestlemania 8 and of course the home of the Colts from 1984-2008.

We say so long RCA Dome your memories will never be forgotten!!

Video of the RCA Dome Imploding

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