Wes Welker Snow Angel

Fun In the SnowTotal Pro Sports –  The New England Patriots laid a beating to the Arizona Cardinals 47-7 in a blizzard.  After scoring a touchdown Wes Welker decided it was only fitting to do a snow angel in the end zone.  Welkers technique is just fabulous, his consistent arm strokes and leg stokes flow perfectly.  All you kids out there who missed it you should watch the video.  It’s a perfect way how to create the perfect snow angel.

Wes Welker was flagged on the play and will probably be getting fined by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.  This is not the first time a Patriots player was flagged and fined for extensive celebration in the end zone this season.  A couple of weeks ago it was Ben Watson showed his love for his pregnant wife after putting the football under his jersey in a baby-on-the-way celebration.  He was handed down with a $10,000 fine, We Welker could expect the same for his snow angel celebration. 

We don’t understand how such a rule could be ever implemented in the NFL and players fined $10,000 for just having some fun. In a way they are just making the game a little more exciting and marketable to the world.  Roger Goodell should loosen up a bit and allow celebrations after a touchdown.

Just look at the CFL and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, their celebrations are some of the best in the league.  Some days well just watch the Blue Bombers just for their end zone celebrations.  The NFL should follow suit and allow end zone celebrations only fining players who are offensive.

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