Burress In Trouble Again, Now With No Insurance

Plaxico In Trouble AgainTotal Pro Sports – Plaxico Burress is one special person, he is definitely number 1 on our list of dumbest athletes in the world.  After being suspended from the New York Giants after being charged on 2 felony weapon counts, today Plaxico Burress was sued for having no insurance on his $140,000 Mercedes-Benz.

Burress was sued last week in Florida’s Broward County Circuit Court for rear-ending a woman back in May. A document provided by the woman’s attorney showed that Burress insurance expired 3 days before the crash. A letter from Allstate says Burress neglected to pay his premiums.

We don’t understand what is going through Plaxico Burress’ head? After just winning the Super Bowl with the Giants and earning over $7 million a season, life get any better for this superstar football player.

For some reason it seems in this new day and age the more money and greater star an athlete becomes, the more trouble they seem to find themselves.  If people like Plaxico Burress can’t handle their day to day lives then a personal assistant should be hired to take care of their personal affairs.  A little insurance issue like this has made headlines for the wrong reason, battering Plaxico’s name even more.

When will athletes realize that they are not invincible and the media is watching their daily lives.  They waite to pounce on something like this, potentially blowing up a careers like Plaxico.

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