Quinn Punched In The Face By Teammate

Brady QuinnTotal Pro Sports – The Cleveland Browns have officially blown up!  From being a favorite to go deep into the playoffs this season, nothing seems to have gone right for the Browns.  They lost their starting QB Derek Anderson to injury then lost their backup Brady Quinn, having to then start 3rd stringer Ken Dorsey.

Yesterdays loss to the the lowly Cincinnati Bengals 14-0 was the final boiling point for some of the Browns.  In unconfirmed reports from a Cleveland TV Station that backup QB Brady Quinn was knocked out by defensive lineman Shaun Smith.  It is unclear if Shaun Smith sucker punched or hit Quinn with a weight.

If the report is true, Smith must go immediately!  This kind of behavior would be coming from a player whose performance on the field is more on and off than most people’s light switches in their bathrooms.  No team’s players, whether superstars or not, and Smith is far from a superstar – for that matter, he’s not in any galaxy with any stars unless you want to count the injury list – can start physically attacking another player, period! said Radames Santiago, Jr., Cleveland Sports Examiner

This is not the first time Lineman Shaun Smith has been in the news.  Smith was one of the so called “Quitters” reported by runningback Jamal Lewis that the team had.

Major changes are soon to come after next weeks game. Regardless if reports actually confirm Shaun Smith’s attack on Brady Quinn you can bet he will be the first player to be cut by the Browns.

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