MLB What A Great League…Ya Right

MLBTotal Pro Sports – How embarrassing for baseball when a team has to pay a luxury tax in an amount that is greater than the lowest team payroll. The New York Yankees were hit with a luxury tax of $26.9 million today, a figure that exceeds the Florida Marlins team payroll of $21.8 million.

If we compare and contrast the highest paid and lowest paid franchises we notice some interesting facts. The New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers finished with a combined record of 163-164, the Tampa Bay Rays and Florida Marlins were 179-142. The Marlins top 3 batters combined for .279 average, 31 HR’s and 85 RBI’s while the Tigers big three combined for a .296 AVG, 27 HR’s and 99 RBI’s. It may seem like the big three for the Tigers dominated but let us take a look at the average in salary between these three players, the Tigers’ three make on average between them just over $9 million. The Marlins big three make on average $500 Thousand, a figure that is $8.5 million less, for production that is not too much better.

The New York Yankees had two pitchers that combined to make $27 million between them, they combined for a 18-16 record, these two players were Carl Pavano ($11 million/year) and Andy Pettitte ($16 million/year). The big two for the Rays combined for a 26-16 record, while making $5 million between them. The Rays also won their division, their league and lost in the World Series, an all round phenomenal year for what was suppose to be a bottom dweller last year.

This league has about a dozen teams that can afford to pay their players the big dollars, therfore, if your team is in the bottom third of the leagues overall payroll do not expect to see them reach a World Series in the near future. Although, I would rather take a team that plays with pure heart rather than one that plays for a large paycheck, the fact is that the players that find success in these low markets end up getting priced out to play in the bigger cities.

I understand that this is America’s favorite pastime and that introducing some sort of cap would not make the bigger markets happy, however, if we put our selfishness aside we may allow the game to grow into something better.

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