$425 Million Spent By The Yanks: What Would You Do?

Money and BaseballTotal Pro Sports – If you had $425 Million what would you do with it?  We know how the New York Yankees would spend the money.  They would pay players a lot of money and hopefully buy a World Series Championship.

This year the New York Yankees have signed 3 of the top free agents available on the market,  CC Sabathia (7 years $161 million), AJ Burnett (5 years $85 million), and Mark Teixeira (8 years $170 million).  Adding to their squad a growing list top paid players in the MLB.  Are they done or will they continue to spend?

So what would we buy with $425 million?

Total -$36.75 Million

So how would we invest the $425 million?

Total -$338.25 Million

The remaining $48.5 million we would keep in an account as daily to yearly expenses.  That’s what we would do with $423.5 million.  What would you do with this money?

Darren Rovell of CNBC thinks otherwise this is how he would spend the $423.5 million the Yankees have dished out on 3 player contracts.  What The Yankees Could Buy With $423.5 Million.

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