Anyone Want To Attend The Pro Bowl In Miami?

MiamiTotal Pro Sports – The change has finally been made, the Associated Press reports that the Pro Bowl has been moved from Honolulu, Hawaii to Miami, Florida for the 2010 season.   The NFL Pro Bowl will take place Jan 31st 2010, with the Super Bowl on Feb 7st 2010.  The players playing in the Super Bowl will not take place in the Pro Bowl.

The Pro Bowl has been in Hawaii since 1980 and the city of Honolulu tried to extend the contract with the NFL but were turned away.  The NFL wants Hawaii to build a state of the art facility to host the game.  But the way the world economy is going it is highly unlikely this will happen.  Aloha Stadium was built in 1975 and is 33 years old, we think it’s definitely time for a new stadium.

“Hawaii’s state government released $11 million for lighting and roofing improvements at Aloha Stadium, part of ongoing upgrades designed to refurbish and modernize the aging stadium. State officials have also considered demolishing the facility and building a new stadium.”

With the loss of the Pro Bowl, the city of Honolulu is set to lose about $30.5 million in visitor spending and tax revenues.

A league like the NFL needed to compete with the likes of the MLB, NBA and NHL and their great All Star Game.  An All Star Game should be a special event, not just the same game in Hawaii every year.  Having the Pro Bowl in Hawaii got 29 years too old.  The change will now hopefully drive local American fans to the game who couldn’t make all the way out to Hawaii.

As much as we were glad to see the Pro Bowl move to Miami you can bet the NFL players are happy to.  Players who made the team from the east coast used to dread the long flight to Hawaii, now they have the chance to stay close to home.

What’s there not like about the city of Miami?  The Nightlife, the people, the beach, the weather, everything is great in Miami.  A great choice by the Commissioner Roger Goodell, you can be sure the rest of the league and fans will appreciate the decision.

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