Stoops Gets $3 Million, What About The Players?

Bob StoppsTotal Pro Sports – The Oklahoma Sooners coach Bob Stoops will receive a $3 million bonus for coaching the Sooners for 10 consecutive years.  Bob Stoops replaced John Blake back in 1998.  The Oklahoma Sooner will go on to face the Florida Gators in this years BCS National Championship Game.

This topic always creates a discussion every time a team or coach receives some kind of sponsorship or bonus.  If the NCAA will allow bonuses for coaches, then we think players should be compensated as well.  We can not justify the fact that all these college football teams are making millions upon millions of dollars from TV deals, sponsorships and stadium revenue.

Yes, the players should be grateful for their full scholarships at schools with such high notoriety like Florida and Oklahoma.  But If their were no players then their would be no team and no revenue for the schools.  People forget that these college football games attract more fans then most NFL games.

While attending the Florida Gators and South Carolina game in Gainesville this year, the Gators attracted more the 90,000 fans.  That Sunday we attended the Jaguars game in Jacksonville and that game attracted just over 65,000 fans.  That’s 25,000 more fans then an NFL game,  which equals more revenue and more money for the University Of Florida.

Something has to be changed and athletes should be compensated.  Were not saying to pay them millions of dollars like the NFL.  But along with the full ride, room and board, and food a weekly allowance should also be included so they can live a normal life like people who are not in the spotlight.

Do you remember earlier on in the year when Ohio State Buckeyes Nathan Williams was caught for shoplifting?  Maybe this wouldn’t happen if he received a weekly allowance or small salary from his team.  This is what happens when your broke and have no money.

Do you possibly think Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford could work at McDonalds to earn some extra money while in school?

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