Marbury May Be Boston-Bound

Stephon MarburyTotal Pro Sports – Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and now Stephon Marbury???????

Is this a good move or a bad move for the Celtics?  In recent years it seems that every team that Starbury goes to he becomes a cancer in the locker room and the teams slowly fall apart.  With leaders in Garnett, Pierce and Allen it may be just the right fit for Marbury.

At 28-5 and 1st in the NBA we don’t think the Celtics need anyone else to win another championship.  But if Stephon Marbury can just worry about the game and lose the star over his head.  It’s scary what the Boston Celtics may be capable in doing.

Is 52-0 for the rest of the season possible?  Maybe but highly unlikely.


New York Post – “He still has to finagle a break from the Knicks, but indications are banished point guard Stephon Marbury will wind up with the Celtics, according to a report on

“It will happen,” a source reportedly said when asked if Marbury would wind up in Beantown this season.

Marbury hasn’t played for the Knicks all season. After playing well in the preseason, new coach Mike D’Antoni benched him on opening night and the relationship snowballed quickly.

He was placed on the inactive list, and in late November he was barred from contact with the team. He attempted to negotiate a buyout from his $20.8 million contract, but he has since refused to take anything more than the full value of his deal.

If Marbury lands in Boston, he would be reunited with Kevin Garnett.”

Source:  The New York Post

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