Chris Bosh Amazing Circus Shot Video

Chris BoshTotal Pro Sports – Take out the Salami and Cheese this game is over!!!  Raptor fans you must remember that famous line by Chuck Swirski.  Swirski definitely would have said his famous line if he was still broadcasting for the Toronto Raptors, especially after Chris Bosh’s unbelievable circus shot against the Orlando Magic this past Sunday.

I have never witnessed or even could imagine a player like Chris Bosh who is 6’11”, finish a play like this before.  I’m still watching the replay as you read this, trying to figure out how he managed to get the ball in the basket.  The Referee of course on the play never called continuation so the basket did not count.

If you missed the Raptors beat up on the Magic on Sunday, then check the Video out here.  You won’t be disappointed, trust me!

Chris Bosh Circus Shot Against The Magic

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