Juventus Jerseys Anyone?

Roberto OlivoTotal Pro Sports – (Italy) Juventus chief caretaker (equipment manager) Roberto Olivo was caught stealing 2000 jerseys that were used by Juventus players during practice sessions.  He was caught on a hidden camera placed in the Juventus locker room by team officials.

It was believed that Roberto Olivo was selling these jerseys in Spain because they would pay the most for the stolen goods.  Apparently the most sought after Juve training kit is the one worn by Juventus great, Alessandro del Piero.

It is believed that Olivo stole more than 2,000 jerseys before his most recent arrest, which makes investigators believe that he stole about 4000 jerseys in total.  If these jerseys were bringing about $200-250 a jersey, that means he stood to make about $700,000 – $750,000.  Pretty remarkable considering that this total is probably More than hes made in a lifetime.

There’s no word on what chargers Olivo will face, and how long he will be going to jail for.  You can’t really blame him considering that Juve throws most of their practice jerseys away and considering the whole economic situation, he was getting some pretty good cash for some old and sweaty used jerseys.

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