More NHL Ice Crew Girls Please!

Blackhawks Ice Crew GirlsTotal Pro Sports – We came across these beautiful Ice Crews Girls back in Carolina attending a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game early last year.  So you ask, who are are the Ice Crew Girls? Think of cheerleaders on ice, cleaning the snow around the goalies net and skating around the ice getting the fans all rallied up during a TV timeout.

A fantastic idea, so I wondered why back in Toronto the Leafs never had this?

Let me correct myself, the Leafs actually do have an ice crew.  They are 45+ year old men who look like penguins as they waddle onto the ice to clean the snow around the nets.  Can you picture it?

The Ice Crew Girls are an eye catcher and pleasant site to watch and they are desperately needed in Toronto.

This past New Years Day during the 2009 Winter Classic, the Chicago Blackhawks unveiled to the world their Ice Crew Girls.  A definite A+ for pouting on a great event and I think they have the hottest Ice Crew Girls in the NHL.

But for some odd reason, not every NHL team has these Ice Crew Girls.  The Thrashers, Blackhawks, Hurricanes, Stars, Islanders, Flyers, Ducks, Senators, and Penguins are some of the teams in the NHL who have these cheerleaders present at their home games.

So Garry Bettman, if your reading this, you should make it mandatory that every team in the NHL have Ice Crew Girls for the 2010-2011 season.  All the other big leagues like the NFL, NBA, and NCAA all have cheerleaders, now it’s the NHL’s turn.

Don’t you think this would be another great way to market the game and attract a younger and more exciting type of crowd?

Even if I didn’t like watching the game of hockey I would probably go just to drink beer and watch the Ice Crew Girls.  Wouldn’t you?

Take a look here at other Ice Crew Girls around the league.

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