Professional Athletes and Their Charities

Chris Bosh FoundationTotal Pro Sports – As an avid sports fan, I am pleased to learn about some of the charitable work that professional athletes contribute to their local communities.  As a Toronto native, it was refreshing to witness Chris Bosh of the NBA Raptors donate a hefty cheque worth $1 million towards establishing the Chris Bosh Foundation in 2004.

The Foundation’s website describes the Foundation as “a non-profit organization promoting social enrichment, education and physical fitness among youth.  The Foundation assists youth in reaching the educational and athletic goals they set through mentoring and setting examples in the community.” The Foundation has programs in Toronto and Dallas, has worked closely with organizations such as the Toronto Special Olympics raising important funding for community projects.

Many would argue that with the amount of money North American professional athletes earn, this charity work is to be expected.  However, lest we forget that there are thousands of financially successful people in other professions who in many cases earn more money than these athletes and perhaps do not concern themselves as much towards community initiatives.  In fact, given the fame that is so closely associated with pro athletes, they are also given a platform to promote their charities and gain support from the corporate sector in supporting their cause.  Examples such as Chris Bosh, prove as evidence that this platform is not only recognized, but utilized as well.

The list of athletes who have made charitable contributions is endless, and I feel that this is often overlooked due to negative stories involving athletes in regards to crime or drugs.  Indeed, these people earn significant amounts of money playing the games which they love, but in most cases, pro athletes are amongst the most generous and compassionate public citizens.

In order to pledge donations to the Chris Bosh Foundation Click Here.

If your interested in finding out which sports franchises are making different daily contributions in their communities, then Progressive Avenue will list in detail which teams and players who are helping local charities.

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