(Big) Ben Roethlisberger Falls Down While Bowling

Ben RoethlisbergerTotal Pro Sports – How would you feel if you were the owner, coach, teammate or fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and saw this video of your franchise quarterback falling down while bowling just days before your huge divisional Playoff Matchup against the San Diego Chargers?

Well, to me, this makes no sense.  Why is he doing anything before a playoff game?

Just last year he almost killed himself riding a motorcycle with no helmet and i know bowling isn’t dangerous, but come on Big Ben, you should be studying your opponents plays not bowling before a playoff game.

It doesn’t matter if your bowling, dancing or shoveling the snow any freak accident can happen out of the blue.  Even though stipulations are made in players contracts that some of these activities can’t be done while the season is still on, players still do it.

Stuff like this makes me sick!  These millionaire athletes screwing around when they really should be in the film room preparing for their next matchup.  Smarten up Ben!

(Big) Ben Roethlisberger Falls Down While Bowling

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