Detroit Lions Fan Gets 0-16 Tattoo

0-16 TattooTotal Pro Sports – In remembrance of the Detroit Lions 0-16 perfect season this past year, a true die hard Detroit Lions fan named Dan tattooed the Lions logo and 0-16 on his chest.  Something he wants to bring to the grave and never forget.

Dan hopes to add the Vince Lombardi Trophy for a Detroit Lions Super Bowl win right underneath the 0-16 tattoo.  The only way we see this happening is If you plan on living 100 plus years.

Idiotic or just plain old stupidity?  Who knows, but this is probably one of the dumbest sports tattoo’s in history.  Something Dan will definitely regret later on in his life.

Hopefully Dan will complete his support for the Detroit Lions with Mat Millen’s face tattooed on left chest, symbolizing the disarray and humiliation the Detroit Lions franchise caused the NFL over the last 7 years.

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Detroit Lions Fan Gets 0-16 Tattoo