Jarkko Ruutu Bites Andrew Peters Hand

Jarkko RuutuTotal Pro Sports – A couple of weeks ago Don Cherry on coaches corner had nothing good to say about the last place Senators.  He called them thugs and added that he thought they may just steal your car, because of the way they were dressed.  Now today, Jarkko Ruutu of the Senators Bites Andrew Peters hand during a game.

I wonder what he will say this Saturday night about the Senators and Jarkko Ruutu bite?

The Senators where in Buffalo taking on the Sabres on Tuesday Night when this all went down.  A skirmish ensued at the bench and Peters and Ruutu go at it.  As Peters grabs Ruutu in the face with his glove still on he bites it.  It looked as if Jarkko Ruutu was a hungry lion ripping out a piece of meat from his freshly killed prey.

The replay shows Ruutu taking a nice chunk out of Peters glove and then Peters grimacing in pain.  The force of the bite has yet to be determined and it seems as if Peters fingers are still intact.

We’ll just have to wait and see if commissioner Gary Bettman steps in and hands down a nice suspension.  We hope so!

If you don’t believe us just check the replay out.

Jarkko Ruutu Bites Andrew Peters Hand During Game

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