Michael Phelps Races Warren Sapp In A Pool

Phelps and Sapp SwimTotal Pro Sports – Michael Phelps and Warren Sapp were spotted on vacation in South Beach at The Gansevoort South Hotel yesterday.  We have yet to confirm if they went together or they just happened to be there at the same time.

But while in the pool together playing like they were both 9 years old.  It seemed as if the vacationers at the Gansevoort South Hotel didn’t even know who these two famous athletes were.  While messing around Warren Sapp issued his challenge to the greatest swimmer in the world Michael Phelps, a duo in the pool.

Phelps gave Sapp a half pool lead who do you think won?  I guess you all know what the answer is.  But if this keeps up and Phelps and Sapp continue to hang out you might just see the second coming of Michael Phelps.  Imaging Warren Sapp in wet suit at the 2012 Olympics, tagged as the second coming of Michael Phelps.

Thanks to TMZ.com who provided us with some great video of Phelps and Sapp in the swimming pool.

Watch the Video here.

Michael Phelps Races Warren Sapp In Pool

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