Rey Maualuga Apologizes To Erin Andrews

Rey MaualugaTotal Pro Sports – After an eventful Rose Bowl and the surfacing of the pre-game video of Rey Mauluga grinding like he was in a night club on the sideline with Erin Andrews. It was definitely the game to watch.

But once again a little situation has been blown out of proportion by the Women’s Sports Foundation.  Rey Maualuga was just having a little fun with Erin Andrews on the sideline.  Yes we agree that Erin never knew he was behind her, but he never touched her or did anything we think was wrong.

Donna Lopiano, former CEO of the Women’s Sports Foundation, called Rey Maualuga

“my first-round pick for ‘offensive’ player of the year” and his dance behind Andrews “another example of a narcissistic, high-profile athlete believing that any behavior, no matter how inappropriate, is acceptable because of his status.  For those who would laugh off, celebrate or enable this behavior, think twice. Ms. Andrews could be your sister, daughter or wife.”

What does the status of a person have to do with anything? If she thinks Rey’s acts were wrong then it doesn’t matter what a persons status is, it’s just not acceptable.  So does this mean it’s acceptable for a regular “Joe” working 9-5 at the local McDonald’s?  I think Donna better rethink the way she uses her words.

Erin Andrews has yet to comment on the situation, but ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said,  “We appreciate the apology,”

We think this is an absolute joke.  People are dying around the world and something so idiotic makes headlines.  Lets reverse the situation, if Erin Andrews snuck up on Rey Maualuga, do you think the Men’s Sports Foundation would come out and say this is offensive?

I don’t think so!

Rey Maualuga Grinds With Erin Andrews At The Rose Bowl

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