Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Plans To Sue ESPN

Pacman JonesTotal Pro Sports – Pacman Jones just continues to find himself in trouble.  Is it possible that he ever keeps his name out of the media for the wrong reasons.  When will he ever realize that all eyes are on him?

The Dallas Cowboys have now cut all ties with Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones after ESPN reported that piece was scheduled to air on TV Sunday in which three Atlanta-area men allege that Jones arranged for someone to shoot at them two months after the football player was suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in 2007.

Adam Jones had this to say to the The Dallas Morning News about a potential lawsuit against ESPN.

Adam Jones is denying an ESPN report that he arranged for someone to shoot at three men outside a Atlanta night club.

In fact an angry Jones said he’s planning legal action against the network.

“It will be a lawsuit in a week against ESPN,” Jones said. “That’s stupid. It’s so stupid I have no more comments.”

If Pacman Jones just worried about playing the game and stayed away from all those people who bring him down, he would be ok.  A star cornerback coming out of the University of West Virgina, drafted in in the first round, sixth overall by the Titans.  Adam Jones definitely has not lived up to all the expectations out of college.

This may just be the last straw for Pacman Jones and the NFL, we highly doubt any team will take another chance with him now.

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