Cristiano Ronaldo Crashes His Ferrari

Christiano Ronaldo Crashes CarTotal Pro Sports – Manchester United Star Christiano Ronaldo crashed his Ferrari on the way to training Thursday morning.

The Portugal wingers Ferrari collided with a roadside barrier in a two-lane tunnel near Manchester Airport, police said.

Ronaldo (23 year old European Player of the Year) escaped with no injuries.  Also the police gave him a breathalyzer and he blew a negative.  Officers said there will be an investigation of the crash.

“He’s fine and is training as normal with the team this morning,” Manchester United said.

Photographs showed the front of the Ferrari completely crushed after the crash.  The front left wheel was blown off the car.  No other vehicles were involved in the crash but police said United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar was traveling behind Ronaldo at the time which could have been a really bad situation if van der Sar would have collided with him.

Maybe Edwin van der Sar and Christiano Ronaldo were racing?  There were no reports on this, but may just be a possibility.

Here is another case where a high profiled athlete crashes his really expensive car driving to fast.  On Sept. 29, 2003, Dany Heatley crashed his Ferrari killing long time friend and teammate Dan Snyder.  He was also speeding.

This is the problem with giving all this money to these young kids.  What do you expect them to do.  Of course their going to buy fancy cars that have alot of horsepower, of course their going to speed and this is whats going to continue to happen!

With all the money Christiano Ronaldo has, there is not need to repair the car.  He probably will just go out and buy another new Ferrari.

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