Marian Gaborik Feud And The NHL

The Glass Man - Marian GaborikTotal Pro Sports – There are so many hot topic issues in the NHL right now.  The Pittsburgh Penguins are in disarray.  Michael Therrien, coach of the Pens, has many problems his players.

A Lot of the players are not happy because Therrien called them out in front of their peers saying their playing terrible.  Mario Lemieux (Penguins Owner) has stated that missing the playoffs is not an option and there needs to be changes.

You can’t trade the team, so coach Michael Therrien will probably first to go.  Mario Lemieux as the interim head coach, a possibility.

NHL In Europe

The NHL Overseas has a lot of people wondering why they keep going to Europe.  They make no money out there and it is soon to be a dead issue between NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA Executive Paul Kelly.

They should just worry about bringing hockey back to Canada.

Marian Gaborik vs. GM Doug Reisborough

Marion Gaborik “The Glass Man” and The Minnesota Wild feud intensified as he told G.M. Doug Reisborough that he is going to have hip surgery now instead of waiting until the season is over.  Gaborik found out that he was being shopped around by Reisborough and he was not happy.

So rather than playing out the year and then having surgery he decided to have it now.  He does not want to play for the Wild and he is a free agent come summer time.  He does not want to get traded because he does not want the Wild to get anything in return. This is why he decided to go ahead and have the surgery because by the time he heals (10 weeks), it will be just in time for the trade deadline and who is going to want a player coming off hip surgery?  He is basically doing this in spite.

The 2009 NHL Winter Classic

Was the NHL Winter Classic really a success?  Well according to the numbers, yes.  but contrary to what Gary Bettman believes, it was not.  the only reason the numbers are higher because of the larger markets that played in the game, Detroit and Chicago.  This is the majority that is making the overall numbers higher.

Thanks Al Strachan, that’s why your #1 in our books.

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