Mattias Ohlund Takes A Sweet Punch To The Face

Mattias OhlundTotal Pro Sports – The debut of Mats Sundin last night was a good one, he played about 15 minutes and helped the Vancouver Canucks beat the Edmonton Oilers 4-2.

During the game, Canucks defenseman Mattias Ohlund laid out Edmonton Oilers winger Eric Cole on the side boards.  What seemed to be a clean hit, Sheldon Souray still came to the rescue of his teammate.  A battle of the two opposing defensemen ensued.  The fight didn’t last long as Souray connected on a right hook to Ohlund’s jaw and it was over.  Mattias Ohlund dropped like a sack of potatoes from the vicious punch.

I wonder if he asked the Time Keeper for some ice?

A debatable hit on Eric Cole, it was nice to see Sheldon Souray come to the rescue of his teammate.  There is no need for blindsided hits or checking from behind in hockey.  Ohlund faced the consequences and others will follow suit.

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