Gators Major Wright Decapitates Sooners Manny Johnson

Major WrightTotal Pro Sports – Being a former hockey player the first thing I was taught was to keep my head up.  Coaches constantly drilled this into our heads when we were younger, so that during the games we would remember this and avoid possible serious injury.

During last night’s BCS National Championship Game, Oklahoma’s 3rd play from scrimmage Sam Bradford tried to hit wide receiver Manny Johnson on the sideline.  The pass was almost perfect by Bradford, but reached Manny Johnson the same time that Florida Gators Safety Major Wright came in for the hit.

Major Wright absolutely decapitates Manny Johnson and for a minute there I thought he may be dead.  But Johnson jumps back to his feet as nothing happened.

You can bet Manny Johnson learned his lesson and will keep his head up from now on.

Watch the video of the Major Wright’s hit here.

Gators Major Wright Hits Sooners Manny Johnson

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