Leafs Mikhail Grabovski Fights And Kicks Referee?

Mikhail GrabovskiTotal Pro Sports  – It was a night to remember for Montreal Canadien fans as they honored some of the past Habs greats and Maple Leaf greats.  This year is the celebration of the Montreal Canadiens 100th anniversary as an organization.

A night to remember turned into a disastrous one for Toronto Maple Leafs fans as they lost 6-2.

A total of 150 total penalty minutes were handed down in a rough affair at the Bell Center Thursday Night.  Even goal scorer  Mikhail Grabovski of the Toronto Maple Leads got involved in the fighting.  Grabovski went after Montreal Forward and non-fighter Sergei Kostitsyn.  A matchup of light weights the two could not get at each other as the linesman were holding each of them back trying to issue them both off the ice.  At one point Grabovski drags the linesman with him still after Kostitsyn, but Grabovski is no match for the ref as he body checks him and tackles him to the ice.

The unidentified linesman is rumored to be a retired mixed martial arts fighter, but this still has yet to be confirmed.  After getting up Mikhail Grabovski pushed the linesman, kicked his helmet at him turned away and immediately skated off the ice gesturing the crowd with some unknown hand sign.

Grabovski, who acknowledged that his actions might bring league sanctions, raised his arms to the jeering Bell Centre crowd as he left the ice.

“Five seconds in my head – I don’t know what happened,” said Grabovski, who was traded by Montreal to Toronto on July 3.

So if your ever one on one in a street brawl with Mikhail Grabovski we recommend you stay away because he may just push you and kick some dirt at you like a little school girl.

Penalty Summary and Video of the Fight Below

01:08 Deveaux, 2 min, Hooking
02:51 Lapierre, 2 min, Interference
07:51 Weber, 2 min, Slashing
13:04 Stempniak, 2 min, Interference
14:11 Markov, 2 min, Interference
16:53 May, 2 min, Charging
17:40 Plekanec, 2 min, Roughing
17:40 Schenn, 2 min, Roughing
20:00 Grabovski, 10 min, Misconduct
20:00 Deveaux, 2 min, Roughing
20:00 Deveaux, 2 min, Roughing
20:00 Latendresse, 10 min, Misconduct
20:00 Komisarek, 2 min, Roughing
07:05 Bouillon, 2 min, Tripping
08:53 Finger, 2 min, Roughing
09:48 Plekanec, 10 min, Misconduct
09:48 White, 10 min, Misconduct
10:15 Kostitsyn, 10 min, Misconduct
10:15 Blake, 10 min, Misconduct
11:11 Kostopoulos, 5 min, Fighting
11:11 Mayers, 5 min, Fighting
11:11 D’Agostini, 2 min, Bench – Abuse of Officials
11:13 Bouillon, 5 min, Fighting
11:13 May, 5 min, Fighting
11:40 Grabovski, 2 min, High-Sticking
18:10 Hagman, 2 min, Bench – Too Many Men on the Ice
19:20 Latendresse, 2 min, Hooking
13:15 Mitchell, 2 min, Slashing
18:07 Deveaux, 2 min, Unsportsmanlike Conduct
18:07 Kostitsyn, 10 min, Misconduct
18:07 Lapierre, 2 min, Unsportsmanlike Conduct
18:07 Grabovski, 10 min, Game Misconduct
18:07 Grabovski, 10 min, Misconduct

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