NFL: Stop Flipping Coins and Play Football

Coin FlipTotal Pro Sports – This past weekend we saw the Indianapolis Colts lose an overtime thriller to the San Diego Chargers and The New L.T. “Darren Sproles. The game was great as it showcased a little bit of everything a fan wants to see in a game.  The only unfortunate part was that we did not get a chance to see Peyton Manning touch the ball in overtime.  There has been some speculation that the NFL should change the overtime rule to allow both offenses to get equal possessions in the overtime period, like the college game.

Other sports have adjusted their rules to suit the entertainment value that today’s fans crave.  The National Hockey League has introduced a shootout that decides a winner from each game, rather then playing just one overtime session it is concluded with a 3 man one on one with the goaltender.  The NFL should consider making the switch to an equal possession overtime system, however, unlike the college game they should start each possession at the oppositions 40 yard line, not 35.

I understand that old school thinking says we should leave the game alone, just because a team does not win the coin toss, does not mean they have lost.  I totally agree with that state of thinking, however, I have a problem with the fact that all it takes is poor special teams coverage, or a lapse on a defensive play and the chances for winning the game are dissipated.

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