Tebow vs. Bradford

Tim TebowTotal Pro Sports-  Last night the Florida Gators, led by Tim Tebow, won the BCS National Championship.  The game definitely lived up to the hype as it featured the last two Heisman winners, Tim Tebow (2007) and Sam Bradford (2008), trading blows all game long.  Bradford had a solid game for the Oklahoma Sooners in a losing effort, but may have cost his team the game by throwing a 4th quarter interception.  Tebow, played great throwing 2 touchdowns and rushing for over 100 yards.

After watching the game all I could think about was which player would be the better pro QB?  Traditional thinking would say that Bradford plays the position better than Tebow.  He seems to have a better arm and has solid pocket presence, both of which are characteristics that pro scouts salivate over.  However, Tebow is a dual threat and has a leadership quality which is unmatched.

I feel that in this years NFL draft, Bradford will be the higher pick and might have the unfortunate luck of being drafted by the Detroit Lions.  The Sooners offensive line was one of the best in the country this year which helped Bradford stay in the pocket and put up monster numbers.  If the Lions were to draft him he would be spending a lot more time on the turf and on the trainers table.

Tebow on the other hand, might land on a better team and could have a bigger impact.  He might see his draft stock fall because of questions regarding his passing ability and that could work out for his benefit.  Also, with many NFL teams now implementing the Wildcat offense, Tebow could be very effective right away.

Bradford and Tebow both have tremendous potential as NFL quarterbacks and any team lucky to land either one in this years draft will certainly be elated.  If I were a GM I would want Tim Tebow for sure, who would you want?

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