Pacman Jones Loves Strip Clubs

Pacman JonesTotal Pro Sports – The NFL Today and James Brown interviewed Adam “Pacman” Jones.  Earlier this week Pacman Jones was released from the Dallas Cowboys and he is planning to sue ESPN.  The Conversation between James Brown and Adam Jones is available on video thanks to The Sporting Blog.

The conversation didn’t take long before the main topic was Strip Clubs and his past altercation with Tommy Urbanski which left him paralyzed.

“I haven’t been in a strip club in, what, two years now? A year and a half? Almost three years? Whatever it is, I haven’t been in a strip club since that incident.”

Can we blame a man who loves strip clubs?  I think there would be a problem if you didn’t like to enjoy a cold beverage and watch beautiful women dance on stage.

This whole Pacman Jones is getting old and we’ve had enough talking about the character, we say either “Smarten Up, Or Shut Up”.

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