Brian Westbrook is a PIMP

Brian WestbrookTotal Pro Sports-  If you missed it the Philadelphia Eagles laid a beating to the New York Giants this past Sunday 23-11.

I stay tuned to watch the press conference for both teams, and I noticed that Brian Westbrook was dressed to kill.  He strolled up to the podium in a pin stripe suit with a black and white top hat, the only thing that was missing was a cane.  There is only one word to describe his choice of attire, “PIMP”.

Westbrook, in my opinion, has taken the title for best dressed NFL player.  The fact that he dressed like a “PIMP” after he smacked the Giants is great.  I can’t wait to see what he wears after the NFC Championship game.

Check out the video of Brian Westbrooks at the Press Conference.

Brian Westbrook wearing his Pimp Suit at the Press Conference

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