Charles Barkley On Saturday Night Live Skit

Charles Barkley on SNLTotal Pro Sports – It was only time before SNL depicted Charles Barkley and poked fun at him on their show.  After getting pulled over for running a stop sign and arrested for DUI the day before New Years Eve, Barkley’s excuse was that he was going to get the best BJ ever “I just wanted oral sex”, was his excuse to the police officer.

Almost a week later Charles Barkley told TNT that he was going to take a leave of absence from the show.  We think that it was TNT’s decision not Charles, but we hope that Charles Barkley can find himself and return to the show sooner then later.

The skit on Saturday Night Live was hilarious, the main topic during the interview was about his rush to get a  BJ.  The person imitating Charles Barkley referred to the BJ as a Burger.

“It’s like you driving around one day and your real horny for a hamburger, and then you remember that their is one girl that gives a great burger.  The burger is so good, that you black out and when you awake shes still giving you the burger.” Said Charles on SNL

If you missed the skit, we have it here for you.

Charles Barkley On Saturday Night Live and Burgers Skit

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