Alex Ovechkin Loves The Booze

Alexander OvechkinTotal Pro Sports-  This picture was sent to me by a fan of Total Pro Sports, and it depicts a drunken Alexander Ovechkin at an autograph signing at Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant in Toronto.  I’m sure the Washington Capitals are thrilled that Ovechkin represents the team so well in public.

I guess that drinking huge amounts of alcohol the night before games must be his secret for playing so well.  For the record, the Capitals beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 2-1 the next night and Ovechkin didn’t register a single point, I wonder why?

Nicklas Backstrom

Here is another picture from the event which shows Ovechkin with  teammate Nicklas Backstrom, who looks like he is still waiting for puberty to hit.  It is also interesting to note, as per people present at the event, that Backstrom seemed completely sober, which was in stark contrast to Ovechkin, who sort of looked like a Vampire with a uni-brow.

Thanks to BDON for the pics.